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Taking Stock

September 10, 2019

Procrastination is something I am very familiar with nowadays as I continue on my quest to find a job.  I delay as much as possible the moment when I sit down at my computer and fire up Linked In, all the while knowing that once I actually start, I’ll be back into the process quickly, picking up where I left off the day before, and networking like I’ve never networked before.

What does that have to do with running, I hear you cry?  Well, nothing in and of itself….apart from the fact that today’s procrastination activity found me organizing my running bibs and medals.


It began as I was tidying up the kitchen, and realized I needed to put away the bib and medal from my latest half marathon, the Parks Half.  However, I didn’t have everything in one place, so it wasn’t as simple as just putting it in a medal box.  Conveniently, I happen to have an empty shoe box, having just bought a new pair of running shoes, so I figured that I could put that to good use as my bib / medal storage box.

Of course, being the OCD and anally retentive person that I am (otherwise known as a Virgo), I first had to go through all my race bibs and medals to see what races I had actually run.  Then, of course, I had to see if I had the medals to match the bibs (and vice versa).  Next, inevitably, I needed to see if I had all the medals corresponding to the bibs, and vice versa. When I moved in with Ethan, I did do a bit of a cull and got rid of any medals for races less than 10miles, so I knew for some of the shorter distances, I would only have bibs. Still not finished, I then absolutely had to see if I had – or could find – all my times for those races.  Finally, oh so finally, to close out the activity, I documented all my races, in chronological order, separated into three groups – full marathon, half marathon, and all other distances – so that I would have everything in one place.


Unsurprisingly, for me it was a very enjoyable and rewarding activity.  Here are the stats:

  • Marathons:             2 (PB @ Chicago Marathon 2015 – 5:19:35)
  • Half Marathons:  18 (PB @ Royal Parks Half 2014 – 2:09:38)
  • 10-mile Races:      10 (PB @ Toronto 10-miler 2014 – 1:37:36)
  • 10k Races:             11 (PB @ Toronto Women’s 10k 2014 – 52:09)
  • 5k Races:                 8 (PB @ Pride Run TO 2014 – 29:02)
  • Misc Races:             6 (8ks, 15ks etc)

Clearly, 2014 was a stellar year!  I am nowhere near my 2014 form at the moment (I completed my most recent half marathon in 2:46 and change) and I look at those times and wonder how was I ever speedy enough to run a half marathon at just under a 10 min/mile pace, when today, I can barely do a 13 min/mile.

But for the first time in a few years, I’m enjoying running again.  Having a group with which to run is definitely a bonus, especially on the long runs (shout out to the MCRRC First Time Marathon Back of Packers!) but even when running solo, I find myself no longer having to force myself out of the door, but in fact looking forward to it.  In recent times, if I’d had a bad run, I would then (easily) talk myself out of doing the next couple; now, I want to get out the door again to see if I can do better.

With the 2019 Chicago Marathon on the horizon, I am now starting to get excited. I am in such a different place mentally than I was before the NYC marathon, and it’s making the world of difference.  Flights and hotels are booked, I feel good about my training and preparation, and I am seriously – SERIOUSLY – looking forward to it. While I do have a time in which I would like to finish the race, it’s not the ultimate goal.  The ultimate goal for me is to run it, enjoy it, finish it and celebrate my accomplishment, hopefully without too much pain or injury (crossing my fingers and touching wood as I write this!)

33 days and counting!

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